Troy Risk List of Niche Services

Below is a comprehensive list of our niche services.

Vapor Mitigation System Design and Installation

Troy Risk staff have been specifically trained and certified for Radon assessment and mitigation measures providing expert knowledge and assessment of Vapor Mitigation System (VMS) / Sub-Slab Depressurization Systems (SSDS) design and installation. We began self-performing this work due to our dissatisfaction with the workmanship, price, and effectiveness of the existing service companies.

Karst Characterization

Karst Geology represents 1/3 of Indiana, existing in roughly 40% of the land area located east of the Mississippi River. Most environmental consulting firms do not characterize Karst correctly. Troy Risk understands the complexity and techniques to delineate Karst geology/hydrogeology. We routinely evaluate the impact of contamination and risks associated with sensitive Karst environments.

Agricultural and Confined Animal Feeding Operations

The impact of Agricultural and Livestock activities is increasingly scrutinized. Troy Risk understands that although regulation and potential impacts to our natural resources are real, the essential nature of food production is without equal – we must find a way to make it work. Troy Risk provides unbiased sensitive receptor evaluations based on real data. We can assess the actual risk to the community and provide solutions that support both sides.

Advanced Air Modeling Services

Troy Risk staff includes a former National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) employee, Sonia E. Mark. Her work with NOAA included Impact/Hazard and Emergency Operations Assessments. This expertise is a type of air dispersion modeling that is needed by large Industrial Facilities, Utilities, Government Agencies, and even your favorite collegiate or professional sports arena. Troy Risk has recently teamed with vendors of the latest technology for real-time gas detection, data analytics, lone worker, and contact tracing.

Demolition Services

Troy Risk construction services routinely include Asbestos Inspection, Erosion Control, and Permitting. We now include Demolition Design and Oversight. Many of our development clients find themselves in a push to make the development happen ahead of necessary remediation. Troy Risk understands the complexity of demolition for impacted properties. We know how to work through those challenges with respect to hazardous waste segregation, demolition phasing, and regulatory negotiation.

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